Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Turkey Hunting

Wild Turkeys photo credit Ted Steinke

Utah's annual turkey hunting is approaching quickly. UtahScoutingServices has been actively searching for the big boys out there. We will soon be posting up some trail cam pics and videos of what we've found.

In recent years Utah has seen a booming population of wild turkeys. This has led to the OTC (over the counter) tags available for purchase. Right now there are plenty of hunters participating in the LE (Limited Entry) hunts state wide. If you forgot to put in for the draw, or would rather not deal with the hassle this is a great option. You can buy one of these tags at any local division authorized license retailers, or on the Division's Website.

In Utah you are able to harvest any bearded turkey. Many of the hens along with toms have beards as well. This makes the opportunity to harvest even better.

Be sure to pick you up a tag and enjoy the outdoors this spring! Nothing like hearing a fat gobbler coming into the calls! 

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