Scouting and Packing Services

Our scouts have hunted, scouted, and glassed big game their entire lives. We know the difficulty and time that is required when scouting for a prized big game tag. This is not something you should take lightly, nor should you leave your hunt up to chance! Paying for a professional guide service can cost thousands of dollars.

Utah Scouting Services can provide you with professional scouting for your specific hunt. We will give you detailed information on the quality of animals, photos, maps, GPS points, and animal patterns. All of this for a fraction of the cost of hiring a guide.

On top of that, you get the satisfaction of still being able to say you still were unguided. There is a reason true DIY hunts are so much more respected over a fully guided hunt.

Scouting Prices are as follows:
(Two-Day Minimum) 
Two Full Days $675.00
Three Full Days $960.00
Four Full Days $1260.00
Five Full Days $1550.00

*No refunds will be given after your scouting dates are booked. We are happy to apply scouting fees to later hunts if needed. 

Scouting Packages

Big Game Scouting Packages (Full-Days)

Each daily package will contain the following:

  • Daily Scouting
    • Sun up to Sundown scouting! We will be there before the sun rises and won't be leaving until the sun has set! We are familiar with the majority of Utah's units. We will not waste your time searching for animals in unproductive areas.      
  • Detailed Report
    • We document everything during your scouting dates. Anything we find, we photograph or video then provide that back to you!
  • Clear Communication
    • You will receive e-mail and phone correspondences. After you book your scouting package, you may e-mail or call Utah Scouting Services before or during your hunt to inquire about your area, as well as receive pointers. 
  • Exact Locations
    • We will provide GPS coordinates that you can enter into your GPS or cross-reference with your maps. These will generally include water holes, fence crossings, game trails, known bedding areas, feeding areas and exact locations of the animals that were seen.      
  • Files or Hard Copy Maps if Necessary
    • You will receive a GPS file for the entire area we scout or a topographical map if necessaryThese will be marked to show you areas to concentrate on during your hunt. We will also mark the GPS coordinates that we have used during your trip. You will get as many maps as it takes to document the areas we covered. 

Note: We will scout your unit on the day(s) which you request, no matter the conditions. If the weather creates a situation for unsafe travel you can choose alternate dates or a full refund, your choice.
*These trips are on a first come first serve basis. We are always receiving new bookings and can serve only so many customers per season.
**We cannot accompany you on your hunt.  We are not a guide service. 

Packing Services  

Do you have an animal on the ground? How are you planning on getting that big bull or buck out of that deep canyon? 

Pricing: We charge a flat $500 to get your animal out. 

If you have an animal on the dirt or are hopeful, give us a call! (801)-432-0195