Tuesday, April 9, 2013

News For Utahs Big Game Hutners

The Utah Division of Wildlife has come out with new data on Utah's big game herds. Things are mostly looking up for the deer population according to Utah biologists. You can read the latest news release on the data here.

The bad news is that the Biologists have recommended fewer total general deer permits for Utah hunters. As well as fewer limited entry deer permits. The major reason for this is the declining buck population on the North side of the Book Cliffs unit. If you have ever hunted or scouted this area of the unit you know that it is not only fairly accessible, but it has large open spaces that make it a prime location for rifle hunters. For whatever reason the deer in the area haven't been able to keep up with substantial fawn production to replace the lost bucks. If these guys were only willing to put a little sweat into their hunts, they might locate a lot nicer bucks a couple miles away from the roads. That's the benefit of this hunt though. You can shoot a real decent four point buck just off of the road. Than again, this is why we will see a decline in permits and possibility continuing decline in the buck/doe ratio for the area.

If you feel strongly about the issues at hand it is important local hunters make their voices heard. There will be local RAC meetings to discuss these and other issues. Info on how, where, and when to attend can be found on the divisions website. We recommend attending these meetings and making your opinions known to the board. Nothing will ever change unless you are willing to stand up for yourself and the wildlife.


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