Monday, April 22, 2013

Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scope Review


Vortex Optics is just now releasing their newest line of spotting scopes. This will go hand in hand with the other Diamond back products such as the binos and rifle scopes. UtahScoutingServices had the chance to use the optics during the recent hunting expos here in Utah. You can view the product here on the Vortex Optics Website. It is currently available for back order through most hunting outfitters such as Cabelas.

There are four options available. Either a 20-60x60mm or a 20-60x80mm with either objective available in either a strait or angled model. The angle of the scope really just comes down to preference. If you prefer to look through a scope strait on such as a rifle setup. Or if you like to look down through the scope.

First off the scope itself is great quality and comes with the legendary Vortex Warranty. Lifetime coverage, no questions asked. The body is extremely durable and has a convenient slide out sunshade like that of it's older brother, The Nomad. The diamond back is replacing this older model. The upgrades to the scope are amazing. The clarity is on a whole new level and the light gathering ability is impeccable. Obviously with the 80mm objective you have a greater light gathering ability which is preferable during those low light situations. This scope is great for someone who doesn't plan on carrying a lot of weight during their scouting expeditions. The 60mm objective is going to be more suitable for someone who plans on taking the scope into remote locations. For a backpacking situation the 60mm is going to be the better choice. Though the larger objective 80mm is only about a pound larger than the smaller version, it does cost $100 more. This scope is perfect for someone not wanting to break the bank on a $3,000 setup of Swarovski optics. But is still interested in good quality optics with a great warranty.

The optics feature multi-layer coating, XR lens coating, waterproof and fog-proof design. As well as an ArmorTek exterior which make the body scratch resistant. And protects the exterior lenses from oil and dirt.

UtahScoutingServices Rating:

4.5/5 Value
5/5 Warranty
5/5 Quality
4/5 Optical Clarity


  1. Vortex has good reticle selection, the turrets are easy to read and use, and the scope has all the features precision rifle competitors look for.
    Herbert Alford

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