Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Successful Utah Limited Entry Elk Hunt

Big congrats to our hunter last fall. Jim, from California. Smacked this nice bull on an archery hunt here in Utah! 

Here's the quick story of his limited entry archery hunt. 

"Thanks Adam, hopefully I will need your help in the future. We stayed on the mountain for a few days after that and saw no other hunters take an elk. Several stopped buy and everyone was having trouble. Real fortunate to get that bull!  Don't know if I ever told you what happened. Here is how it went down. Lucky me!

On day two I was at the wallow again and called him and 6 cows off the mountain across the canyon he was bugling on. I was pretty shook when I saw he was a shooter and cows all around. Missed him low at 37 yards!! So mad at myself! He regrouped across the canyon so I kept throwing various cow calls at him intermittently. Then I quit calling thinking he might get curious. After about an hour of messing around like that he came out 95 yard below me in the bottom and was just feeding, head down broadside. I was able to get 82 yards from him. Held my 80 yard pin just under his back and got him through both lungs. It was a really great experience and I can't believe I got a second chance at him

I have you to thank for that trophy bull that's for sure.


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