Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scout My Utah-Big Game Scouting Advice and Help

This page is dedicated to helping others learn the way of the outdoors. Whether it be survival skills, hunting, trapping, fishing, or trapping we will cover it. I have literally spent thousands upon thousands of hours of my time growing up in the Utah mountains. During that time I have made many mistakes, and learned countless things. I would like to share some of that information with you. I also want to spend time reviewing products that I have personally used in the field, products which make your hunt that much easier and sometimes that much worse (those are the ones to avoid!).

The other reason I am creating this page is to give people a location to go to when they need to know about specific areas. I have covered so much land in my life and so many areas spanning across Utah's big game areas. If you have drawn a specific tag for some of Utah's big game please feel free to contact me regarding your tag. I will give you as much free information as possible. In case you aren't already aware people hoard their knowledge regarding their "honey holes" and secret mountain places to find big game. I have built up a large knowledge of lesser known areas that I am willing to share with people wanting to learn. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of hunting or scouting please contact me:

Now if the free information I have available just isn't enough for you, there are more options. I am willing to put in the time to scout for your specific tag and animal in Utah's wilderness. For instance if you are an out of state DIY hunter who just doesn't have the time or money to do the pre-scouting needed, I will scout your tag for you. This will include maps of the area, photos of trophy big game in your area, gps locations of  where they are hiding, and recommendations for your specific hunt. The pricing on this really depends on the amount of time you are wanting me to spend in your area. Either way it is only a fraction of the costs generally associated with big game hunting. Nothing that comes close to the tens of thousands of dollars you would spend on a guided hunt. Plus you have the pride associated with a DIY hunt and knowing it was you that put the animal down on public land!

Here is a video of a bull I called in fall of 2012:
Please contact me with any thoughts, recommendations, and questions you have regarding Scout My Utah!

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